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About Economy Bonds

Economy Bonds & Insurance Services was founded on the principle that California contractors should be able to choose the reliability and experience that only a full service bonding company can offer without having to pay top dollar.

Economy Bonds has the most competitive pricing on contractor’s bonds in the state. Economy Bonds also offers the added advantage of writing your bond with California’s most reliable and experienced surety company, American Contractors Indemnity Company. American Contractors Indemnity Company (ACIC) has been California’s largest writer of contractor’s license bonds for more than 25 years. They write more license bonds than the next ten companies combined. Their #1 position is by virtue of unmatched claims handling expertise in the contractor’s license bond business, which no other company can approach.

ACIC has many more years of claims and legal experience in handling claims against contractor’s license bonds in California than any other surety company. This is crucial to you because the inexperienced surety may make “convenience” payments on invalid claims, which result in loss of license and reimbursement of the surety’s loss and expense payments. ACIC will not because – unlike less experienced surety companies – we are well aware of the consequences associated with license bond payout. Your contractor’s license is only as safe as the experience of the surety company that bonds that license.

Economy Bonds offers the best of both worlds: bonds with California’s most reliable and experienced surety company at the most competitive prices in the state. Only Economy Bonds can offer a bond from California’s most experienced surety company at nearly one third off their regular premium.

Economy Bonds & Insurance Services. Experience, reliability and economy.

Your full service source for California contractor’s license bonds.

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